BBC boss says The Voice’s nosediving ratings are no surprise

BBC boss Danny Cohen has defended The Voice’s flailing ratings — but shockingly said that the nosediving figures are not a surprise.

The TV honcho said that audience figures have plummeted because the show was so popular to begin with — and they can’t keep the momentum up.

The Voice — which costs the Beeb a massive £22million — launched last month and pulverised Britain’s Got Talent in the ratings war when they went head to head.

But since the end of their blind auditions stages, which pulled in a peak of more than 11million viewers, ratings have dwindled to just 6.9million.

But Danny has hit back and said: “I don’t get massively engaged week by week in whether we are up or down. The way I look at it, we have launched the most successful BBC One entertainment show in over a decade.

“We didn’t expect such high ratings at the start – shows like X Factor started on around five million.

“There are always moments when the competition is strong — sometimes that helps us, sometimes it doesn’t. But I genuinely couldn’t be happier. It is a quality series and audiences are responding to it.”

Despite the falling figures which have put the positions of the coaches in crisis, Danny threw his support to the panel of mentors — Jessie J, Tom Jones, Danny O’Donoghue and, saying: “I love our judges, I think they are amazing.”

But he declined to say whether any of them would be getting the boot next year.

Viewers have criticised the coaches for being boring, saying they are being too nice when giving feedback about an artist’s performance on stage.

Pop princesses Kylie Minogue and Cheryl Cole have been drafted in to perform for the final two episodes of the series in a bid to boost audience figures.

Last Sunday’s results show was watched by just 6.9million, down a huge 2.1million from the previous week’s 9million. The week before that, the ratings were 11.3million.



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