Coachella Gets 30,000 Fans to ‘Live Click’ Around Festival, Automatically Link to Social Media

This year’s Coachella 2012 Festival made waves for the mind-melding technology that came from its headliners, but it also got a little technological boost from 30,000 of its own attendees.
Tupac Shakur (Hologram) Plays Coachella During Snoop Dogg’s Set (Video)
The festival’s wristbands included a radio-frequency identification (or RFID) enabled device that allowed the wearer to check in and update their status on Facebook at various checkpoints around the festival grounds if they signed up on The program, called “Live Click,” bumped the Coachella’s online audience by over 30 million, according to the festival.

“Coachella is renowned for being a frontrunner in the festival industry, and using RFID technology to unite the festival community and the online networks of fans was truly a momentous occasion,” said Intellitix CEO Serge Grimaux, whose company designed the wristbands, in a statement. “The phenomenal response to the Live Click shows how important these new ways of connecting to social media will become.”
Tupac’s Virtual Coachella Appearance Spurs Huge Sales Bump
Coachella will be partnering with Intellitix for a number of other tech- and RFID-based initiatives as well, including technology to reduce lines and eliminate counterfeit tickets, and instituting cashless payments systems, designed to make the fan experience simpler and easier.

No word yet on whether or not fans will be able to attend the festival solely via hologram in the future, however. So far, that technology is being reserved for the main stages.


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