50 Cent Explains Floyd Mayweather, Justin Bieber & Lil Wayne Friendship


50 Cent has explained his friendship with Floyd Mayweather and Lil Wayne and also how pop star Justin Bieber fits the bill.
Boxing fans were shocked on May 5 when they saw welterweight champion Floyd escorted into the ring by 18-year-old Justin, ahead of his fight with Miguel Cotto. According to Fiddy, Justin has always been a huge fan of Floyd and the feeling was mutual.
“Justin is also a Floyd fan. They love the sport. A lot of people like it and haven’t actually made contact or received anything to make them feel like it was cool or comfortable enough for them to come,” 50 explained to MTV News.
“When it actually happens and it goes down like that, it feels good. When they get a chance to see different genres, different people, everybody’s excited.”
Speaking of how he and Lil Wayne’s friendship with Floyd came about, Fiddy says it all comes down to music.
“It’s a big part of what makes him comfortable and takes his mind off of how hard he has to work to stay being the #1 fighter in the world,” he said.
“With Wayne’s music momentum, he’s a part of that; he’s been a part of the playlist, so it’s cool.”
Do you understand the frienship with Justin Bieber a little better?



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