Jay-Z & Kanye West To Celebrate First London Show With £500K Party


Jay-Z and Kanye West will celebrate their first London show this week with a lavish £500,000 party.
The duo are kicking off their European tour in the capital on Friday at London’s O2 Arena, but will be letting loose with multiple bottles of expensive champagne and the biggest celebrity names in their phonebook.
According to the Evening Standard, Jay and Kanye will be partying at former casino Fifty in St James’s Street where they will be joined by Beyonce and Yeezy’s new girlfriend Kim Kardashian.
Around 400 people are expected to attend but tables cost between $1,000 and £15,000.
“This is to celebrate the first night of the European tour and they want London to know they’ve arrived,” a source told the publication.
“The place is going to be crazy and they want it to be the party of the year. It will be filled with beautiful women, people will be fighting to get inside.
“Fifty was Jay-Z’s favourite casino in London, so it is a fitting choice.” “He is looking at getting a temporary casino licence for the night so they can set up some of the old tables for guests.”
If you would like to party with The Throne, you’d better get your chequebook out.




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