Usher: My music is life changing


Usher desires to inspire people to “move” with his music.

The R&B superstar is preparing to release his upcoming record Looking 4 Myself. Usher is known for his impressive dance tunes and has released a number of hit club tracks in the past including Yeah and OMG.

The singer reveals that his new tune Scream was created to motivate listeners to let loose.

“If I’m gonna move you, I want to move you. I hope that it could be something that could be life changing,” he told MTV News during MTV First. “You may be going through something real crazy, who knows, and just need to get out and just enjoy yourself. So I always think about the club, I always think about that song that will be able to let you out of that slump, if you’re in it.”

Usher believes that his uptempo tracks help people stay focused when they need a boost of energy.

“If you’re just ready to have a good time, or if you’re working out and you just need that little motivation to push you over the edge, there you go,” he shared.

Looking 4 Myself will be released in June.


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