Music producer Ben Frost’s dubstep iPhone and iPad app featured on iTunes site



A MUSIC producer has released an iPhone and iPad application for apsiring DJs.

Ben Frost, 24, from Egleton, launched Bass Drop on Friday and has already seen his creation featured on the music section of download site iTunes.

The app gives DJs in the dubstep genre, which features distinctive extended bass notes, an easy way to create tracks and experiment with different sounds.

Ben said: “It took me more than a year to learn how to create dubstep tracks. I found it quite tricky.

“So I wanted to make it easier for people to use their skills rather than spending ages developing the sounds themselves.

“I’m really proud of the app and I am getting a lot of positive reviews.”

Ben, who has been producing music since he was 15, picked up the skills to design the app while studying for a degree in systems and control at the University of Sheffield.

The app is currently only available for Apple products, but Ben plans to make a version for Android devices in the near future.

He added: “The app is free to download until June 1. I wanted to get it out there because I’m only a small indie developer.”

The app was developed with the help of former Stamford Schoolboy Calum Ogg under the Fresh Touch Media name. Ben hopes to expand his range and move into games and other music genres.

To download Bass Drop visit the iTunes store.


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