Jessie J: ‘Public are addicted to watching people get destroyed’

Jessie J has said that the public have become “addicted” to watching people get “destroyed” on talent shows.

The Voice UK coach told James Merritt for Free Radio that she has always wanted to celebrate talent and give constructive criticism to artists.



“I think there’s a misunderstanding in the public on what’s nasty and what’s constructive,” she said. “I have been constructive and every time I’m constructive I get booed.

“There needs to be an understanding of what the audience wants. If they want constructive, then all day.

“I definitely think that all coaches, myself included, could be more nitty gritty and how our people are with us.”

She added: “At the same time, if you’re nasty – not nasty – if you’re constructive then you get tarnished with the witch brush. You’ve got to get the balance right.”



“I do think sadly, that people have got addicted to talent shows where people get laughed at and destroyed on stage. I’m not someone that wants to do that. I want to celebrate talent.

Jessie J continued: “I don’t think that there was anyone that was put through an audition process [for The Voice] before they got on to the television audition process with myself and the other three coaches, that was boo-able.

“There was no comedy act. It was not for pure entertainment. It was about vocals and talent and that’s something that sometimes there isn’t anything to criticise.”



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